The Rambunctious Social Club live at The Cove Cafe Bar in Hope Cove

Rambunctious Social Club Sold Out!!!

This event has now SOLD OUT!!!!!

Remember the shuttle bus leaves at Kingsbridge Quay at 8pm sharp so be early. Pick up in Marlborough is outside the Post Office at around 8.15pm so get there in good time. Tickets at the ready please. Departing Hope Cove around 11.30pm. Any more info, PM us. Nice one peeps. Get ready for the weekend x #wearerambunctious #allhandsondecks #coveclub


rugby live in Hope Cove

Autumn International Rugby in The Cove

WATCH all the Autumn internationals live across multiscreen over two floors at The Cove.

Big, big action in the world of rubgy over the next few weeks and we’re on it from the off.

No better place.

Beer, food and live sport x