Tapwatch at The Cove in Hope Cove Devon

Check out the beer…

#tuesdaytapwatch at the UK’s Best Craft Beer Bar and one that oozes quality.
Magic Rock Brewing staple, gooseberry gose Salty Kiss (4.1%) is back on tap.
When Beavertown Brewery deliver an APA as good as this, you know they still got it going on. Jawline is fruity, floral and lightly bitter at 5.5%.
Brew By Numbers oatmeal stout 08|06 is rich, dark and silky smooth (5.7%) while Cloudwater Brew Co‘s collab with San Diego outfit Bagby Beeris the true heavyweight king of this line-up. An imperial IPA, fully West Coast and packing a dig of 9%.

local sustainable produce at The Cove in Hope Cove Devon

LOCAL at your local

UP for it!
#teamcove set off at 4.45am this morning on a mission to discover more about the seafood we serve and YOU eat.
2019 is going to be a massive year for us as we embrace our independence and seek out the most local, sustainable produce possible, ethically sourced.

Team Cove vests Brixham Fish Market

Team Cove vests Brixham Fish Market

Big thanks to all the guys at Kingfisher Brixham after a great tour of Brixham Fish Market and following the route to plate, seeing their fantastic factory and team proudly promoting certified sustainable seafood.
Above and beyond cause that’s what we do.