THE live entity known as Bert Miller makes a welcome return to The Cove.

The Totnes favourite brings his stand-out set of beautifully simplistic and heart-felt songs to Hope Cove on Saturday, October 15.

Established alongside his band The Animal Folk, they’re high energy and raucous one minute and just when you’re sure it’s all just a shambles – they shift instantly to expose their carefully crafted compositions and poignancy.

And Bert’s enjoying it all as much as the audience.

Sometimes missing from the stage, he’s often found involved in some form of madness in the crowd.

Music teetering on the edge but with tracks for all ages with an innocence and charm that is utterly beguiling.

It all starts at 9.30pm, admission is FREE.

Music Meal Deals return with this gig featuring 2-4-1 pizzas.

For further information, visit or call 01548 561376.