NEW Years Eve in Hope Cove gets spun on its head as DJ Pragmatik returns to the decks for one big party.

The hero of this year’s Hope Cove Weekend is back on the scene with his mind-blowing session of electro swing, ghetto funk and soul to see in 2017 with a boom.

Expect The Cove Cafe Bar to be bouncing once again with over three hours of bass-fuelled funky grooves.

Pragmatik started on the decks at 15 playing house, dance and dabbling in any genre he came across.
His first residency landed in a bar on Plymouth’s Barbican at 17 playing funky house, RnB and Electro! As time moved forward so did the music……then playing darker dirty electro, dub and drum n bass he started a dubstep based night in Plymouth under the brand ‘Melty Face’!
Joined the Bassfunk crew! Then with influences from old skool, hip hop, swing’, jazz, soul, rock, blues it wasn’t long before the likes of ElectroSwing, Glitch Hop and Ghetto Funk took over his life!
He’s live in The Cove from 10am till 1am.

The New Year’s Eve set menu is available between 7pm and 9pm by booking only.

For more information, call 01548 561376 or visit