LOAF lessons!
#teamcove hit the road once again this week, continuing their mission to learn more about the food we serve and YOU eat.
2019 is all about embracing our independence and seeking out the most local, sustainable produce possible, ethically sourced.
And one of our biggest suppliers just happens to be one of our closest.
Massive thanks to The Bake House Salcombe for taking the time out to give us such an informative tour, seeing the production of everything our customers will know, from ciabatta and brioche buns we use for our now legendary burgers through to those favourite brownies and flapjacks.

Supporting Local businesses at The Cove in Hope Cove
Huge admiration for a fellow family business that started on a small scale and has grown incredibly by sticking to their principles and maintaining that quality.
Don’t be afraid to talk to us about our visits!
We go on.
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