#thursdaytapwatch at the UK’s Best Craft Beer Bar and it’s a perfect one for this beaut of a day.
@northernmonk @garagebeercocollab In tropical IPA Ethel which deceives At 7% and packed within Mango and passion fruit.
@burntmillbrewery debut with their American Pale Beyond The Firs (4.8%). @newlionbrewerytotnesTotnes Stout (4.4%) sticks around while @tinyrebelbrewco are back with their Tropical IPA Clwb Tropicana (5.5%) which is super juicy, amped up with peach, passion fruit and pineapple.
@northernmonk rhubarb & custard Pale Don’t Mess With Yorkshire (4.5%) completes five taps of pure aceness.
Get with it.