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  • Fri

    True Strays (4-piece Delta Rock 'n' roll)

    9:30 pm

    True Strays live at the Cove Cafe Bar in Hope Cove

    True Strays live at the Cove Cafe Bar in Hope Cove

    BORN for blues-fuelled, foot-stompin' late-night hoedowns, rock 'n' rollers True Strays arrive at The Cove on Friday, April 6.

    The Bristol 4-piece hit Hope Cove as part of an extensive tour to support debut EP 'Where The Wild Things Hide And Hunt'.

    It's a winning collection of hip shaking, groove roots and rock ’n’ roll tracks that have set live shots on fie.

    With lyrical themes of political unrest, love and desire and overcoming self doubt, it captures the gritty guitars, feral energy and boisterous rhythm section of the boys whilst complimenting with infectious melody and vocal harmony.

    Taking influences from Chess Records’ Muddy Waters and Little Walter, British Invasion R&B and Grunge, their ever tic and joyous live shows have already made them a must-see headline act in Bristol.

    No strangers to bring a room full of people into a Friday night frenzy, True Strays bring 21st Century rhythm and blues with anthem choruses and a healthy measure of the heat of the swamp.

    Live at 9.30pm, admission to this gig is FREE (bonus).

    Late night pizzas served throughout until 10.30pm, cocktails available in first floor bar.

    For more information, visit www.thecovedevon.co.uk or call 01548 561376.